My Lab The Best Windows Based Diagnostic Reporting Software          

Pathology, X-Ray, Sonography , ECG

My Lab - Gold  ( Single User  Ms- Access Based System)
My Lab - Diamond ( Multi User SQL Based System)
Multi user, Multi Lab, Easy to Use 
More Than 150 Predefined Tests & Reports

Create New Test ( In Built Document Designer)

All Accounting Reports

Special SMS features

Send your patients a SMS as you print the reports , stating that the reports are ready & confirm them balance payments.

single click e-mail

Email all reports on a single click of button

1. Patient wise

2. Doctor wise

3. Collection Centre wise

Reports in PDF format  with Digital Signatures

maintains dr. reference

System will give you the details of Patient sent by Doctor & their reference fee details Patient Wise , Test Wise ( Routine Test, Special Test) Detail & Summary etc.
Salient Features :

Configure your pathology in terms of tests , profiles , report layouts , technicians , and referring doctors. Deliver quick reports as a need of an hour , keeping pace with the latest e - media.Interface with cell counters and generations pictorial reports thereby avoiding human interference. Takes care of your business by updating about the status of referred patients.Administrative and commercial summary at the end of the day.Values your data by giving single click backup.
Neat and clean reports takes care of your precious time by avoiding daily hassles of going through tedious technical details.
Security level keeps your commercial data separate from administration activities.Context sensitive help with built in dictionary.


"MY LAB" one of it's kind , designed and developed with an urge to cater to the pathology sector thereby fulfilling its pin to piano requirement.
This product is a kind of application which delivers quick reports from all perspectives of a diagnostic centre.
It relieves the technicians from writing down the boring technical test names , referring doctors , and other related cumbersome details.
it do take care of patients by delivering quick reports through electronic media like web , sms , or a hard copy etc.
Experience the product and serve your business in a better way.
My Lab Single User @ Rs. 20000/- Only Download Now

Cell Counter Interface @ Rs. 20000/-*

Product Scope

System is very user friendly & Easy to use , user who has normal windows knowledge can operate the system easily . Follow below mentioned simple steps to get a grip on the application and utilize the product to it's fullest extent :
  1. Creation of Doctors along with their Qualification
  2. Set The Rate List for Main Centre & Collection Centre.
  3. Patient Registration ( Enter Patient Name, Age, Sex, Ref By Dr. , Collection Centre & Test for that Patient .
  4. Now you can prepare the patient reports Test wise or Patient Wise or Lab No Wise . Enter the Values & take the prints .
  5. Dr. Commission ( Ref fee) will be calculated automatically.
  6. Collection Centre wise Monthly Bill can be sent through system.



Routine Reports

  • Patient Reports.

  • Test reports with abnormal values highlighted.

  • Generation of patients' , technicians' and Doctors' list on a daily basis.

  • Bill and DC generation with the confirmation of full / partial settlement thereof.

  • Generation of test wise reports for the said period.

  • Formula based reports like CBC and Lipid Profile.

Commercial Reports



Total revenue with respect to Test,

 Department, Collection Center.
Total outstanding with respect to collection centers, doctors.
Flashes deficit or surplus over a period of time.
Dash board feature keeps business statistics on tip of your tongue.

Administrative Reports



Change normal range.

Comments on tests.

User defined test names.

Generate a list of pending reports.

E - mail / SMS patients / Doctors about relevant information.

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